Are you into roaming treacherous mazes, solving all kinds of creepy puzzles and generally staying on your toes every single moment of the gameplay? Then this game is just what you need! Welcome to the Garten of Banban, a place filled with horrors, mysteries and a whole bunch of riddles to unrav-el! Will you be able to survive in this dreadful abandoned building and solve the mystery of the miss-ing kids or will you fall prey to the horrible monsters lurking inside? There is just one way to find out for sure – step right into this eerie adventure!

Not a place you would send your kid to

This would have been so much easier it Garten of Banban was just another empty desolate house where the only threat to you is shaky rails and rotten stairs. But this isn’t your ordinary kindergarten. In fact, it’s cursed with some seriously creepy evil powers that make kids disappear without a trace. Yikes! Luckily, you’re here to uncover the truth behind these mysterious disappearances. But be warned, this won’t be an easy task. You’ll need to navigate your way through this abandoned place, collecting clues and bits of information as you go.

Look out for clues – and for your life!

However, it’s not only about keeping your eyes peeled for any hints – you also need to keep your ears sharp for any signs of danger. Oh yes, there are some seriously terrifying creatures in there, and they know you’re coming. So you better keep your wits about you and stay on high alert if you want to make it out alive. Besides, don’t you think they have something to do with all the supernatural stuff that has been happening here for years? This is your chance to grab a threat that will let you unravel the whole knot of mysteries surrounding this place!

And don’t worry, you’re not completely defenseless. You’ll have to interact with objects, use various tools and gadgets, and above all – quick thinking skills to outsmart these monsters and make your way deeper into the Garten of Banban. Just be prepared for some tricky challenges along the way. You never know what you might encounter in this cursed kindergarten. Will you be able to uncover the truth and escape with your life? Venture forth and face your fears in the Garten of Banban!

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