Brotato Games

Longing for some crazy shooting action and wacky adventures? Welcome to Brotato! Here you will have a chance to become a bold and perky potato (that’s right, potato) gunning down hordes of creepy monsters that will be rushing at you from all angles. With plenty of awesome weapons to choose from and pretty wide character upgrading possibilities, you’re up for some insane fun!

Don’t underestimate the potato!

So, the game starts with you choosing your potato class. There are several, each coming with its own perks and weaknesses. You can select any based on your personal unique battle style and learn all of the tricks this particular Brotato guy as up his sleeves (not that he has any though). You’ll start out with just basic weapons – you can carry six at a time and they will be used automatically on the closest enemy. The monsters will approach in waves, rather scarce and weak at first, but the tension will keep growing as you move through the level. So will your arsenal!

There are all sorts of guns and melee weapons in the game that you can use to bring down any amount of creeps that are going to try and get a piece of you. And these are not your ordinary spud peelers and kitchen knives. We’re talking about some heavy-duty artillery that’ll blow those monsters away! So, picture this: you’re standing there in your potato glory, and these beasts start coming at you. It’s like a potato nightmare, but you’re not scared because you’re a brave little spud! You start blasting away with your weapons, and the monsters start dropping all kinds of loot and fruits. Those you gotta pick up because they’re gonna help you upgrade between waves.

Fight, upgrade and enjoy the adrenaline!

The upgrades are totally rad too. You can upgrade your weapons to make them even more powerful, or you can beef up your potato armor to make sure you don’t get mashed up too quickly. Every time you will have a choice between four upgrade cards that are pretty random, but you have to pick the best thing at hand. This way, in a little while you won’t recognize your potato! So, what do you say? Are you ready to take on the crazy game of Brotato and show those creepy monsters who’s the boss? Let’s do this thing!

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